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At the Heart of Your Success. The Faces Behind Vauclair

Vauclair Agency was born from a simple idea: leveraging the web for profitability.

Founded by a trio of ambitious friends, our agency is a blend of diverse expertise, all driven by a shared passion for excellence and communication. Immersed in digital culture from the start, we bring brands and creators to life who not only shine online but also build loyalty and monetize their audience.

Our mission is to support you in elevating your business on the web by offering exceptional digital marketing solutions, all within a friendly atmosphere.

We're not just a marketing agency; we are the architects of your growth. Together, let's shape a future where every business finds its place and where each can shine and thrive online.


Communication and Transparency: Our Open Book Approach

At Vauclair, communication and transparency are more than principles; they are our way of forging strong bonds. By openly sharing information, successes, and challenges, we build solid and trustworthy partnerships that foster solutions and harmonious collaboration.

Operational Excellence: Our Commitment

Excellence is the guiding thread of all our actions. It is evident in the careful selection of our collaborators, the design of tailored strategies, and the achievement of exceptional results. For us, to excel is more than a goal; it's a promise.

Entrepreneurial Integrity: Ethics at Heart

Integrity is the pillar of our agency. It is reflected in deep respect, impeccable ethics, and a sincere commitment towards our clients and our teams. At Vauclair, every member is valued, every effort recognized, in an atmosphere of mutual support and loyalty.

Engaged Collaboration: Together, We Shine

Collaboration is our secret to creating an environment where everyone can thrive. We combine friendliness, commitment, and quality in our work. It is in this spirit of a supportive and empathetic team that we turn every challenge into an opportunity to create a positive and productive work environment.

The People Behind Vauclair.

Clément Kadiebue
Clément Kadiebue
Co-founder & Director of Client Projects
Between his love for memes and his attention to detail, Clément leads client projects and team coordination with creativity and precision. His approach ensures that every project not only meets expectations but consistently exceeds them. Some might say he's obsessed with profitability, but well, our clients aren't complaining.
Valentin Heinly
Valentin Heinly
Co-founder & Director of Business Development
A marketing entrepreneur since 2016, Valentin brings extensive experience to Vauclair's business development. His innovative strategies and industry knowledge pave our way to success.
Jay Ferreira
Jay Ferreira
Co-founder & Operations Director
Always with a coffee in hand, she manages operations ensuring smooth internal organization while closely following the latest trends. Her passion for the "creator economy" leads to captivating strategies that deliver tangible results. Jay is also responsible for recruiting and integrating team members.


Together, let's shape a digital space where your brand flourishes and stands out.
At Vauclair, your vision becomes our inspiration to create campaigns that touch hearts and boost engagement and sales. In short, we turn your traffic into revenue.

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Our Approach

At Vauclair, our values extend beyond just our clients and us. They reach out to our environment, our partners, and our suppliers.

We are committed to sustainable economic development, valuing human relationships, and having a positive impact on society. Each initiative is a step towards a more responsible and harmonious future.

Come Write the Story of Vauclair with Us!

Every career at Vauclair is filled with opportunities and personal growth. We welcome bold, professional, and creative minds eager to take on challenges and grow with us. Together, let's celebrate every success and advance through projects that excite us. Join us to co-write the next chapter of our story.

General Application

At Vauclair, there's a place for every talent. Do you have an innovative spirit and a passion for digital? We offer the perfect environment to make a difference. Send us your application and discover how your expertise can flourish within our team!

Advertising Manager

Ready to orchestrate campaigns that leave a lasting impression on Meta, Google, TikTok, and beyond? Become the strategist behind our clients' success. You'll be the master of ROI, managing significant budgets to create impactful campaigns that generate tangible results across all platforms.

Montreal, Canada
Social Media Manager

Does your creativity build communities? As a Social Media Manager at Vauclair, you'll be the soul of our brands & creators, forging authentic connections and boosting engagement through captivating content. Your mission: Engage with passion, create resonating content, and build lasting relationships.

Montreal, Canada